...read what our clients are saying about sustain organics!

Mia/Atlanta, GA "I have been breaking out randomly and for the past few months, each time worse than the last and in the same places. I had used the SO lotions and lip balms prior and they never disappointed, so I decided it was time to give big pharma face washes and balms a break and test out Sustain's face wash and rose hip oil. It's been 4 weeks and my skin is back! Every night I use the SO Essential Cleansing Creme with my exfoliating gloves or brush and then follow it with the SO Essential Lotion and SO Essential Rose Oil. 🙌đŸŧ My skin has never felt so clean and quenched! My one bottle of each has lasted me well into 2 months and I'm definitely going to repeat my order, especially with their 20% summer sale. THANK YOU SUSTAIN ORGANICS!"

Atiya/Brooklyn, NY "My mother just gifted me with some of your SOS-VL and I just wanted to tell you how much I love it!! It smells fantastic and that alone made me feel great all day (I love smelling fresh and of the earth). I'm already coveting it and I just popped the jar open! Thanks for crafting something beautiful." 

Keyra/Philadelphia, PA "I've been using the lotion as an all over body lotion since I got it. AMAZING! The dry flaky skin on my legs is GONE! It's really like magic, nothing else I used worked.  THANK YOU! I'll be needing a barrel!" 

Amina/Los Angeles,CA "Having used multiple Sustain Organics products, I am beyond impressed with the SOS-VL. The product is impeccable! It glides on smoothly and it not only feels great but it smells great too!" 

Denee/Atlanta, GA "I have used the SOS-VL for some time now, it leaves my skin feeling soft long after I've used it . I also have very sensitive skin, prone to breakouts and this product completely cleared them up plus it got rid of all my scars. It's hydrating, smells good and it has improved the overall health of my skin. I WILL be using this product from now on!"  

Sydney/Atlanta, GA "Emollient lip balm peppermint ginger is my favorite product, and it keeps my lips moisturized. Turmeric grain helps a lot if I get acne, I also think it helps if my face is dry in certain areas. Cleansing Facial Buffer - Love this product... it leaves my face feeling very clean soft and refreshed! Cocoa Espresso Lip Scrub - this product really exfoliates my lips and using the lip balm after really makes my lips feel very smooth." 

Valerie/Providence, RI "I have been using sustain organic products for almost a year. The SOS-VL, Skin Serum, Lip Balm, Lip Scrub and SOS-VLCB are all products that I use and are VERY pleased with. I highly recommend Sustain Organics."

Tamara/Chicago, Ill "I purchased the ginger peppermint lip balm and espresso lip scrub duo and was very pleased with the products. Compact in size for taking it everywhere (which I do)  and there is quite a lot of product in the small containers. Winter was tough on my face at times, so the soothing lip balm quickly became a go to favorite. Neat packaging and fast delivery. I'd definitely recommend trying these products."  

Andrea/Durham, NC "...so, I've licked the inside of my last container of SO Essential Lotion (not literally) I have not found anything better than your lotion! ...I'm serious though...I need some! "