SO Essential SOS-VL

SO Essential SOS-VL


Sustain Organics Essential SOS-VL is a super rich blend of Shea buttery goodness. We’ve infused it with essential oils and our SO herbal blend. Wonderful for calming inflammatory skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis and dry, cracked overworked skin. Add to a warm bath for soothing dry winter skin. Kids love it! Great for hair & body. Antioxidant rich, penetrates and helps strengthen. For men, women, teens and kids. All skin types.

hydrate . restore . nourish . soften . calm
anti-inflammatory . moisturizer . emollient
antioxidant . anti-bacterial

Instructions: Gently massage into clean dry skin. Use as often as needed to help sustain healthy conditioned skin. Great when applied after an aromatic soak in one of our SO Dead Sea Salt blends. Also wonderful when used on damp or dry hair. Add a little to a warm bath for smooth, nourished skin.

Ingredients: SO Butter Blend; SO 4 Oil Blend; SO Essential Blend; SO Botanical Blend

To help prevent oxidization, store below 85 degrees and out of direct sunlight, preferably in a dark cool place. Shelf life after opening is 9 months, due to the high content of natural, active ingredients. Please keep container out of water to avoid contamination of the product.

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"My mother just gifted me with some of your SOS-VL and I just wanted to tell you how much I love it!! It smells fantastic and that alone made me feel great all day (I love smelling fresh and of the earth). I'm already coveting it and I just popped the jar open! Thanks for crafting something beautiful."  Atiya/Brooklyn, NY
"Having used multiple Sustain Organics products, I am beyond impressed with the SOS-VL. The product is impeccable! It glides on smoothly and it not only feels great but it smells great too!"  Amina/Los Angeles,CA
"I have used the SOS-VL for some time now, it leaves my skin feeling soft long after I've used it . I also have very sensitive skin, prone to breakouts and this product completely cleared them up plus it got rid of all my scars. It's hydrating, smells good and it has improved the overall health of my skin. I WILL be using this product from now on!"   Denee Brown/Atlanta, GA
"I have been using sustain organic products for almost a year. The SOS-VL, Skin Serum, Lip Balm, Lip Scrub and SOS-VLCB are all products that I use and are VERY pleased with. I highly recommend Sustain Organics."  Valerie Morgan/Providence, RI