SO Essential Lotion

SO Essential Lotion

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Sustain Organics Essential Lotion is a super hydrating formula contains one of our skin loving SO 6 oil blends, butters and essential oils to help maintain conditioned, hydrated, healthy skin. For men, women, teens & kids. All skin types.

soften . moisturize . hydrate . soothe
antiseptic . relaxation . anti-inflammatory                                               

Instructions: Apply as often as needed to maintain smooth hydrated skin.

Ingredients: Unscented Organic Lotion Base; SO Butter Blend; SO 5 Oil Blend; Coconut Oil; SO Glycerin Blend; SO Essential Oil Blend

To help prevent oxidization, store below 85 degrees and out of direct sunlight, preferably in a dark cool place. Shelf life after opening is 9 months, due to the high content of natural, active ingredients. Please keep container out of water to avoid contamination of the product.

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"I've been using the lotion as an all over body lotion since I got it. AMAZING! The dry flaky skin on my legs is GONE! It's really like magic, nothing else I used worked.  THANK YOU! I'll be needing a barrel!"  Keyra Harrison / Philadelphia, PA
", I've licked the inside of my last container of SO Essential Lotion (not literally) I have not found anything better than your lotion! ...I'm serious though...I need some! "  Andrea Carter / NGOZI Design Group, Durham, NC
"...SO Essential Lotion (Frankincense & Lime) from Sustain Organics is the only hand lotion that fixed my dry, cracked, bleeding hands. ♥️♥️♥️Sustain!" Jana Shumate / Nurse @ Mass General, Boston, MA