SO Essential Beard Oil

SO Essential Beard Oil


Sustain Organics Essential Beard Oil is an ultra conditioning formula consisting of a complex infusion of emollient oils, essential oils and natural herbs to create a warm, deep smokey timber aroma. Our beard oil adds an exquisite luster while helping to sustain healthy skin that supports its growth.

moisturize . condition . stimulate . nourish
luster . emollient . antibacterial . antioxidant

Instructions: Pour several drops of beard oil into palm, rub hands together and massage into the beard. Apply as often as desired to sustain a soft conditioned beard. Enjoy the deep, smokiness and rich timber aroma of this rich, deep conditioning beard oil.

Ingredients: SO 6 Oil Blend; SO Essential 2 Oil Blend;

To help prevent oxidization, store below 85 degrees and out of direct sunlight, preferably in a dark cool place. Shelf life after opening is 9 months, due to the high content of natural, active ingredients. Please keep container out of water to avoid contamination of the product.

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